Changes in SEO – is your business staying on top?

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Because SEO is always changing, there’s no one specific strategy that your business can cling to hoping for success in the search engine results pages. Google and other search engines are constantly investing in and changing their algorithms with the aim of improvement, personalisation and serving you up content that is specifically of interest to you.

Cloud Hosting: The time is now

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What began as the solution to data storage is now only the beginning in a variety of services deliverable by way of cloud hosting. It all began as an offering that cut costs of storage and retrieval for business data without expansion of facilities. Companies would not need to invest in new hardware or software, either.

Yahoo attempting to dethrone Google as Apple’s default search engine?

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While the talks between Apple and Yahoo are still in their infancy, it appears that Yahoo is facing an uphill battle in their latest conquest – despite evidence that Apple wants to distance itself from Google as much as possible.

What is a Web Application?

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Most people may not know it but a good number of some of the most popular websites on the internet could be more accurately called “web applications.” While the difference may seem like a simple matter of semantics, it means much more. It represents the evolution of the internet, from when websites were simple and basically online brochures to the highly-interactive and data-driven ones they are today.

Mobile App Development: Engage Users Everywhere

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Who needs a mobile app? Mobile applications can be one of the best ways to engage your customers and accentuate your brand. Apps also valuable for general productivity and information retrieval. They can be used for order management, ticket sales — even for medical purposes. People and companies use apps for blogs, online magazines, or to recommend products or services.

Responsive or Adaptive Design – Which should you choose?

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As innovative technological advances were created, browsing the web expanded from desktops to laptops, tablets and Smartphones. Website developers usually implement either mobile adaptive design or responsive design but which one do you need?

Cloud Hosting: The Spirit of Change

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Just as the internet grew and developed, cloud hosting is now flexing its muscles. It seems only a year ago that the concept of cloud hosting was emerging as an all-encompassing solution for storage and disaster recovery. Now, it has become an expanding elastic band infrastructure with bundling services and capacity for further growth.

Benefit from Google’s New Consumer Ratings

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Building on information gathered through Google’s Consumer Surveys program, customer ratings of your company will now be added to your AdWords. The ratings will appear directly below the main text, in a single line of categories and numbers. Additional ratings details about your firm will be available to those who click on the ratings themselves.

5 Things to Know About Photos and SEO

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Photos matter for SEO. This is confusing to some, as it certainly seems unlikely that search engine crawlers could register the graphic elements of an image and factor them into its rankings. While images aren’t the main driver of search engine optimisation, they do in fact matter. Carefully optimised photos will give you a boost in search rankings, and shoot your images all the way to the top of the Image tab of Google search.

How to Fine-Tune Your Google Ads (Four Steps)

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Google Adwords have become a major part of many digital agency marketing strategies. Google has developed a sophisticated platform for reaching users and websites within their wide-casting net, and improved their product so that campaigns can hone in on targets with impressive precision. If you’re using Adwords for a search and display campaign and you’re experiencing a boost […]

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